Build a 2×4 in POV-Ray

If you are just getting started with POV-Ray, this simple tutorial will show you how to raytrace a wooden 2 x 4 stud. Along the way we will explore aspect ratios of the rendered output as well as looping to create multiple instances of 2 x 4s.

Create a 3D Logotype Header with POV-Ray

Follow along as we build a 3D header for a website with help from POV-Ray and one of the many free fonts which can be found online. This article is a general introduction to using the text rendering capabilities of POV-Ray and is not limited to only creating header images.

Getting started with POV-Ray

The Persistence Of Vision Ray Tracer (POV-Ray) originally began life in 1986. David Kirk Buck developed DKBTrace on an Amiga after having been inspired by a Unix Ray Tracing program written in C.