Creating an Atari ST or Amiga Picture with the GIMP

This tutorial will demonstrate how to convert a modern 24 bit color image file into a 16 color Atari ST or 32 color Amiga picture using the GIMP. This will result in images which use the correct matching colors of these classic rival 16 bit computers.

Color Bit Depth Reducer

The Color Bit Depth Reducer is a simple and convenient utility that down converts 24 bit RGB color values to their closest equivalent in a variety of lower bit depths.

Build a 2×4 in POV-Ray

If you are just getting started with POV-Ray, this simple tutorial will show you how to raytrace a wooden 2 x 4 stud. Along the way we will explore aspect ratios of the rendered output as well as looping to create multiple instances of 2 x 4s.

Create a 3D Logotype Header with POV-Ray

Follow along as we build a 3D header for a website with help from POV-Ray and one of the many free fonts which can be found online. This article is a general introduction to using the text rendering capabilities of POV-Ray and is not limited to only creating header images.

Speeding up WordPress

Enhancing the performance of your Wordpress site is important to your site visitors as well as to the search engines. There are numerous things to consider when it comes to speeding up Wordpress.

PHP for Beginners

PHP is a scripting language which has risen in popularity to become the number one choice for serving Websites today. Getting started with PHP is easier than you might think. This article explains the first few steps towards understanding PHP.

8 Bit Character Editor

Today we have the luxury of beautifully anti-aliased fonts on high resolution displays. Several years ago computers had blocky fonts whose characters were defined by a handful of bytes. It was often easier to build these characters using an editor like this one than the alternative approach : graph paper.