Creating a 3D Software Box with POV-Ray

Creating digital products is more popular than ever. Many potential buyers of downloadable software still appreciate seeing a boxed version of the software before they purchase – even if the box does not really exist. The image of a software box lends tangibility and makes the software feel more legitimate.

Creating a 3D Ebook with POV-Ray

With the recent news that digital books have surpassed physical books in terms of sales, people are turning towards their computers, tablets, phones and dedicated ebook readers to consume digital books more than ever before. While ebooks have been around for quite some time, they have generally never looked so good or been as popular as they are today.

Build a 2×4 in POV-Ray

If you are just getting started with POV-Ray, this simple tutorial will show you how to raytrace a wooden 2 x 4 stud. Along the way we will explore aspect ratios of the rendered output as well as looping to create multiple instances of 2 x 4s.

Create a 3D Logotype Header with POV-Ray

Follow along as we build a 3D header for a website with help from POV-Ray and one of the many free fonts which can be found online. This article is a general introduction to using the text rendering capabilities of POV-Ray and is not limited to only creating header images.

Getting started with POV-Ray

The Persistence Of Vision Ray Tracer (POV-Ray) originally began life in 1986. David Kirk Buck developed DKBTrace on an Amiga after having been inspired by a Unix Ray Tracing program written in C.