How to configure password-less SSH in Linux

Quickly and easily setup a passwordless and secure connection between two linux computers. This article will show you how to generate public and private keys using ssh-keygen, as well as how to conveniently send your public key to a remote server using ssh-copy-id.

Raspberry Pi Hunger

There are some who just can’t wait for their Raspberry Pi.

USB Connection Frustrations

It’s estimated that 50% of all USB Connection Attempts end in failure.

An introduction to Bits, Bytes and Hexadecimal

Sometimes it’s easier to explain concepts by breaking them down into smaller pieces. This article will attempt to introduce bits, bytes and hexadecimal notation to the reader without becoming overcomplicated.

Quickly backup your Website using Cpanel

An often overlooked method of backing up your Website is to use the backup features which are built directly into cPanel. While not all Website Hosting Companies offer cPanel (which allows you to manage your Website through a web interface) to their clients, there are several which do.