The Palette Color Matcher

Specify a Color and the Palette Color Matcher will help you find the closest match for that Color in the currently selected Color Palette.


There are currently 10 Color Palettes defining 856 Colors available with plans to add more in the future. Please feel free to suggest additional Color Palettes.

The Palette Color Matcher is a very simple Html5 application that requires a Modern Web Browser. If you are attempting to view this page from an older Web Browser, you will likely receive the message “Please upgrade to a modern Web Browser”.

Sample Usage

Porting a Game

When porting a game from one system to another, selecting colors on the destination platform that match (as closely as possible) the colors on the source platform can be a little time consuming.

For example, if you were porting a game from a Commodore Vic 20 to an Atari 2600, the Palette Color Matcher could help find the Atari Colors that Match the Vic 20 Colors. Following is a step by step guide to accomplishing this.

  • Select the Vic 20 Color Palette from the Dropdown Selector.
  • Click on a color that you would like to find a match for.
  • Select the Atari Color Palette from the Dropdown Selector.
  • Click on the Match button to highlight the closest matching color.
  • Repeat this process for as many colors as you require.

Manual Colors

You may also enter your own custom color (as Web Hex) directly into the Color field. This is convenient when you need to find a match with colors which are not defined within the built-in Color Palettes.

How it Works

The Palette Color Matcher uses a simple Forumla which determines the difference between two colors. As colors are defined by their Red, Green and Blue components, this trio of values is not unlike defining a point in 3 Dimensional space.

A way of thinking about the difference between colors is to think about them as though they were two points in 3D space. A common way to calculate this is to use the Euclidean distance Transform. Instead of using X,Y and Z coordinates as we would for 3D we substitute them with R, G and B (see below) which represents the Red, Green and Blue color components respectively.

Color Difference = Sqr ( ( r1 – r2 ) ² + ( g1 – g2 ) ² + ( b1 – b2 ) ² )

Future Improvements

The Palette Color Matcher is in an early stage of development. However, it should prove useful to some folks. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please leave them below.

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