Retro Application Icon Set

Are you a designer or developer in need of some simple and free icons for your next application or utility? Here are 24 icons with 44 color variations (including greys) that you can freely use in your own projects.

The Retro Application Icon Set consists of over 1,000 images (1,056 to be exact). Each is stored in the portable network graphic (PNG) file format and has a transparent alpha layer. This should help the icons to blend in with a variety of background colors.

There are three distinct color sets in this collection :

  • Hues
  • Greys
  • Atari Hues


The first set contains 20 unique hues which were selected by rolling through the color spectrum in 18 degree steps (totalling 360 degrees). A full trip around the color wheel.


The smallest set, the Grey icons, are crafted from 8 different shades of grey. These could be used as they are, or as versions of colored icons which have been deselected or disabled.

Atari Hues

Just for fun I decided to do a set of icons using 16 of the brightest hues from the Atari VCS and 8 bit computer (tia/ctia/gtia graphics) palette for a touch of retro goodness.

Download the entire set here : retro-application-icons.tar.gz

These icons were built as one set initially. I wrote a small program which altered the colors and alpha transparencies to match specific palettes of colors. The program then generated the many individual image files. Included in the download are the preview images for each color set (which you can see right here on this page) for your own reference.

As mentioned already, feel free to use these icons in your own applications or whatever. We are using some of these in a few projects here on Computing Voyage already and thought others might benefit from this work.

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